EventsIFIX x U-MEDI Collaboration: Keep Your Mobile Clean For Your Health

27 Dec 2021
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Campaign : “Save your phone, Save your health"

What is the IFIX x U-MEDI collaboration about?

The Ifix-U-medi campaigns will be shedding light on the ways our cellphones can impact our health and how to protect yourself by using and taking care of your phone the right way.

Ifix is an Apple repair shop located in the main mall at Camp Humphreys. They provide services such as repairs of broken screens, battery issues, software problems and others, and you can find various Apple accessories in the store as well.

U-Medi on the other hand is a medical platform company in South Korea and a partner of the Incheon Tourism Organization that provides trusted medical information on doctors, medical institutions, etc and provide other services such as hospital interpretation and transportation for foreigners and expats who have faced challenges due to language barriers in Korean hospitals.

The 1st Project among many others which will be undertaken in the future is under the theme,  “Keep your mobile clean for your health”

Mobile phones are known to become very dirty which can affect our health. As mobile phones are related to our lives and daily routine, it is important to clean them frequently in order to stay healthy. For more information, click here.

Thus, Ifix planned the project “Keep your mobile clean for your health” supported by U-Medi for the health and wellness of everyone. Particularly, this campaign is vital in creating awareness about staying healthy in this era of COVID-19.

Anyone can support this campaign by registering but a FREE mobile cleaning kit will be made available from January 5, 2022 to residents of Camp Humphreys who register. You can claim your free mobile kit at IFIX, next to Starbucks in the main mall at Camp Humphreys.

Get involved now by registering below. 

We wish everyone a healthy and safe new year!!

Do you have questions? Leave a comment below or contact us here.

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