Health InformationIs Your Phone Making You Sick? Learn How To Protect Yourself

27 Dec 2021
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Mobile phones have clearly become more than just a device for making and answering calls, it has become one of the most convenient tools that we just cannot leave alone. And truth is, because we carry our mobile phones almost everywhere, they tend to get pretty filthy. 

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A recent study found more than 17,000 bacterial gene copies on the phones of high school students. Scientists at the University of Arizona discovered that cell phones carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats.

However, just having these microbes and bacteria on your phone won’t automatically make you sick and not all bacteria is harmful, but we all have that moment when we hand our phone over to a friend or family to check out a photo or text or even to kids to watch videos. In situations like this, viruses can easily spread through phones if one person is sick with a common cold or flu, and transfers cough droplets to their cell phone before handing it over to another person. Especially with the rapid transmission of COVID-19, this case is more common than not and it's probably best to take some precautions.

So, how can you avoid getting sick from your dirty phone? 

The best advice has more to do with you than the phone. Wash your hands several times a day, the experts say, and you’ll likely be just fine. But, you can still continue to get contaminated if you do not keep your phone clean as well. So, you can keep your phone clean by using a chemical-free disinfecting wipe or a sterilizer.

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Also, be sure to keep your phone away from the washroom and practice good personal hygiene.

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