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29 Nov 2021
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Dieting in Korea? Things to note about your metabolism rate

Calorie calculation and exercise plan are important issues when you decide to lose weight, but it is also necessary to find out about your basal metabolic rate. According to a medical official on the 25th of November, 'basal metabolic rate' refers to the minimum amount of energy required for an organism to sustain life. Although it varies from person to person, in general, an adult male consumes 1680 kcal and a woman consumes 1080 kcal per day. Therefore, if you are thinking about dieting, the higher your basal metabolic rate, the more helpful your diet plan will be.

Basal metabolic rate tends to decrease with age. This is because muscle mass decreases and fat mass increases with aging. Adipose tissue requires less metabolism than muscle tissue, resulting in a lower basal metabolic rate.

Conversely, if you increase muscle mass instead of fat mass, your basal metabolic rate will increase as well. There are no special foods that help increase your basal metabolic rate. However, you must eat high-protein foods and undergo muscle training.

Regarding this, Kyu-Won Lee, director of Jongno Yonsei Clinic, stated, “In order to increase basal metabolic rate, it is important to increase muscle mass.”

"If you keep your muscle mass high through muscle exercise, your basal metabolism will increase and you will not gain weight easily," He added.

He also warned, “There are drugs that increase energy consumption by causing fever and tremors in the body, such as sympathomimetic drugs, and it is not a good method.”

Source: The Korea Health News

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