From finding a doctor optimized
for your health condition to insurance claim!

  • 14 years experience in medical consulting

  • Hospital reservation and affiliated general checkup service based on affiliated hospitals in Korea

  • Launching and marketing of medical wellness tourism products targeting USFK

  • Having insight of U.S. Insurance claims, the core of USFK medical wellness tourism

  • Operating USFK Camp Humphreys Apple Repair Center
  • About

    In particular, it operates a medical administrative web service called "One Click" to help USFK claim overseas, and is selected as a partner of Incheon Tourism Organization to attract foreign patients.

    In particular, it operates a medical administrative web service called "One Click" to help USFK claim overseas, and is selected as a partner of Incheon Tourism Organization to attract foreign patients.

    U-MEDI One-Click Service is a medical administrative web service that helps the USFK use domestic medical institutions more conveniently through military insurance. It is currently specialized in medical institutions in Incheon. In addition to hospital medical treatment, it sells additional concierge services and Incheon tourism products and is linked to Incheon city medical tourism business.

    One-click service provides 1) more information on Incheon medical institutions for the USFK 2) hospital reservation and counseling services 3) insurance document claim services in foreign languages after hospital treatment, and helps with all steps before and after the USFK's visit to Incheon.


  • Incheon City Award for Excellence Enterprise Award and Incheon Mayor Award
  • Samsung Life Brand Strategy Team Medical Marketing Planning

  • 2015
  • Patent application for the hospital appointment platform system and its method.
  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification
    (Operation and management of medical welfare, medical tourism, and health food shopping malls in the enterprise)
  • BC Health check-up Prepaid Card: Affiliated with over 80 specialized examination institutions nationwide

  • 2016
  • USFK Medical Bridge Awarded the plaque of appreciation
  • Incheon National University Family Company Certificate Awarded
  • Korea Tourism Organization's contract to promote medical tourism for USFK and their families
  • Incheon Tourism Organization's contract to promote USFK medical tourism in Korea

  • 2017
  • 'Stars and Stripes' contracts, Operating the 'Healthy and Living Guide' section
  • Conducting e-learning training for S1 affiliates and medical institutions; (approximately 200 companies)
  • 2018
  • Pyeongtaek Camp Humphreys PX mall Official Account Registration
  • UCSCA U.S. Forces Korea Bazaar Sponsorship Appreciation Board
  • Orange Life (formerly ING Life) Customer Hospital Appointment Service

  • 2019
  • USFK Camp Humphreys 內 Apple Repair Center Open
  • USFK Fam Tour hosted by 'Hilliance Sun Village'
  • Camp Humphreys 4th of July 'Independence Day'
  • Incheon University's Department of Embedded Engineering
    Selection of 'On-Site Customized Practical Product Research' Project 'One Click'
  • Lecture at the Catholic University's Institute of Internal Medicine.
  • Lecture at the Korean Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • FRL Korea(Uniqlo) Company Health Check-up
  • Orange Life (formerly ING Life) Customer Hospital Appointment Service

  • 2020
  • Registration of foreign patient attraction companies
  • Launching '20 Foreign Insurance Claim Platform 'One-Click'
  • Medical Tourism Fam Tour Organized by the Civil Affairs Office of the CFC.
  • Hosted by '20 Stars and Stripes' Incheon Medical Tourism Fam Tour
  • Camp Humphreys 'Harvest Festival' Incheon Medical Tourism Promotion Team.
  • Camp Humphreys Participation in the 4th of July event
  • Incheon Tourism Organization Partner Agency Selected
  • 2021
  • Incheon Tourism Organization's selection of attractive partners
  • Incheon Tourism Organization selected Incheon Tourism Startup
  • One-Click

    Comprehensive medical wellness platform
    for international patients visiting hospitals in Korea.
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    One-Click Services
    Foreign Language Guide
    All hospital reservations and guidance are provided in English, and questions can be communicated in English in real time.
    Hospital Info. Provision
    & Reservation Services
    Information such as operating hours, available foreign languages, and specialized medical treatment is provided in order to use the hospital, and hospital reservations can be made by communicating with the person in charge.
    Response Service of
    Pre-visit Medical Inquiry
    You can even get a pre-medical inquiry by attaching a simple question-and-answer, medical certificate, or data before you visit the hospital.
    Online Issuance of Insurance Claims
    You can receive all the documents online that you need to get from the hospital to claim insurance after treatment.
    Claims through 
    One-Click Sites
    You can make a direct claim to the insurance company bycollecting all the documents.
    Transportation /
    Translation Services
    Additional transportation/interpretation services are available only for customers who want to.
    Contribution to the improvement of tourist convenience
    and the effect of promoting tourism in Incheon
    Providing Various Information
    Information on hospitals in the Incheon area is provided at a glance, improving the accessibility of information of the U.S. Forces Korea to Incheon area.

    The site will introduce tourist attractions along with the use of medical institutions through the link to the Incheon tourist attraction introduction page.
    Online Reservation
    It is possible to easily book a hospital and set up a schedule for visiting Incheon through an online reservation system for visiting Incheon area.
    Easy Insurance Claims
    As the troublesome procedure of carrying paper documents and receipts for insurance claims disappears and insurance claims are possible according to the procedures guided to the site, the troubles of USFK, which had difficulty in claiming insurance, can be resolved.
    Coming Soon!

    Dr.Kim App

    Dr. Kim App

    Smart hospital reservation system that connects doctors and patients with family doctor through artificial intelligence
    My Health Information
    Based on my health checkup results, Dr.Kim App recommends a personalized doctor immediately. Doctors identify patient health information in advance and use it for medical treatment.
    My Insurance Information
    You can see all the insurance policies you have signed up for at a glance, the insurance information is linked and delivered to the doctor, and you can directly claim insurance money to the insurance company after treatment.
    Precise Examination
    You can make a reservation by selecting a detailed preciseexamination service from health examination to dental examination.
    Hospital Reservation
    You can make an easy hospital reservation through a personalized doctor connection using the Dr.Kim app.
    Family Doctor

    Dr. Kim App

    Doctor Recommendation
    Based on your health status, it is possible to connect your personalized doctor through artificial intelligence.
    Detailed Information of Doctors
    It provides sufficient explanations of physician's philosophy of care and specialization/detailed subjects.


    A company which has set its sole focus on customer care. I was impressed by how the company professionally handled customer post-processing. And I want to work with these guys for good.
    Ahn, Tae-hwan
    CEO of Plastic Surgery, Fresh ENT
    A trusted company that proactively provides customer needs.
    Sanghoon Kang
    Managing director of Korea Murata Electronics.
    Based on decades of first-hand experiences, I am confident that the company’s core strength is its professional workmanship.
    Park, Hoon
    Shinhan Financial Group Orange Life Business Headquarters
    We are very pleased with U-Medi’s program, quality of service and kind efforts of collaboration. Mr. Ha, we sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. We have recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with your service. Stars and Stripes looks forward to continuing our partnership with you for many years to come.
    Enrique "Rick" W. Villanueva Jr.
    Stars and Stripes – PACIFIC / Korea Area Manager