A hospital that values the patient's medical information

The importance of personal information is well-recognized by the society but the level of personal information recognition by medical facilities are lower than other industry. On Dec. 31, 2015, the enforcement regulation of medical law is predicted to legislate, it is time for medical institutions to understand the protection of personal information and its protective actions. Thus, U-MEDI has prepared to comply with the inspection of Personal Information Protection Act and free assessment prior to the actual inspection.

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Hospitals striving efforts for self-development to serve patients better

The Department of Labor and Employment is enforcing a mandatory training required by law to employees at least once a year. Complying with the required training program and to proactively deal with more diversifying social and medical practice circumstances, U-MEDI provides training programs coordinated through cooperation with number of professional training institutions.

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Hospitals preparing for globalization of medical practices

We strongly believe that we need to focus on domestically residing 100,000 American forces, civilians and their family members to promote Korean wellness tourism and achieve significant outcome within relatively short period of time. 1/3 of USFK people create the new market by moving to other countries in the Pacific, Europe and to USA. Approximately, three million Americans work within U.S. military community throughout 820 military installations in 50 countries in the world and they can certainly contribute to promote Korean wellness tourism.

We work together with the United States Department of Defense news media Stars and Stripes to provide information on medical, exercises, right eating habit and healthy living to over 100,000 USFK community including US military, civilians, contractors and their family members.

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Healthy Food and Welfare Shopping Mall

We believe that the best way to protect your health is to have a knowledge of your health and make preventive medical efforts.
And eating healthy food and releasing toxins into your body are also very important.

Recently, we have been exposed to severe air pollution (yellow dust, fine dust, etc.), smoking, and environmental hormones.

We would like to introduce you to a variety of Detox products that use Healthy Food HAT (Herv Anti-Toxin) to release harmful substances accumulated in the human body and enhance the immune system. In addition, we operate a welfare site for employees of medical institutions.

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